Vaporesso – Revenger X

1x Revenger X Mod

1x GT4 Core Extra Coil

1x User Manual

1x NRG Tank

1x Vaporesso USB Cable

1x  GT8 Core (Pre-installed)

1x Replacement Glass Tube

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XIKAR Executive II Lighters

XIKAR proudly presents the updated Executive II, improving one of our classic cigar accessories. The Executive II lighter was developed for our customers seeking high-quality, functionality and sophistication in every facet of their smoking. Our new updates take functionality to the next level and refresh the classic design.

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XIKAR Trezo Inline Triple Flame Lighters

XIKAR is proud to introduce a revolutionary new design in jet flame lighters. The unique design places two outer jet flames at an 8 degree angle inwards, concentrating the heat source at the perfect point above the flames. This means that no matter the size of your cigar or lighting condition, you will have a good, clean light. First, flip up the top cap and expose the three protected ignition jets. With your thumb, pull down the center trigger to fire up this new lighting system and then enjoy your puros! A large fuel window reminds you to refill the oversize tank and a large fuel adjustment wheel ensures you always have the exact flame size desired.

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XIKAR Cirro™ High Altitude Lighter

The all new Cirro™ lighter is taking cigar smoking to new heights. This high altitude lighter works at up to 12,000 feet above sea level and features a windproof flame. Its elegant metal body and high altitude performance make it great for any lifestyle, at any elevation.

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