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10 Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know

From seed to shelf, from filler to binder to wrapper, these are the 10 things every cigar aficionado needs to know when cutting, lighting and smoking his favorite cigar. The comforting world of premium cigars can sometimes seem bogged down by endless choices, confusing messages and opinions posing as fact....

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How do recognise fake cuban cigars from genuine one

ImitationĀ is an indication of quality, or even excellence. We are not surprised that Havanas have been frequently imitated. In those last ten years, falsification has improved greatly, and sometimes, it approaches perfections. Some irregular aspects noticed in the genuine boxes are not even noticed in some fake boxes. First of...

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10 Famous Cigar smokers

1 WINSTON CHURCHILL Throughout his long life, Churchill nourished England with his battlefield bravery, political courage and prolific writing, and nourished himself with the best food, drink and cigars he could find. The man for whom the imposing Churchill cigar size is named smoked eight to 10 cigars a day,...

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